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Exchanging Rings

Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility

Anne Hathaway


A Jubilee is a special anniversary of an event, especially one celebrating twenty-five or fifty years. We believe that any marrage is able to reach that goal. We at Jubilee Entertainment strive to be the perfect first step toward that path. When you choose us to be at your special day, you are not only making a commitment to your special day, but to a lifetime of memories that start with your union. To us, every event is a personal performance, and we strive to make every last detail as memorable as possible, so that you may always look back on your special day with fondness and wonder. 


We are a young and fresh company that is out to impress, and we have already made an impression. We are remembered as being genuinely kind, charming, and full of personality. Our theatrical backgrounds make our designs tailored to you in incredibly unique and creative ways.


For weddings we offer standard Master of Ceremonies services, as well as personalized playlists that are meticulously integrated into greetings, dances, toasts and other memorable moments; we are also able to accommodate live bands into your ceremonies, it is completely up to you! In addition to this, we also offer lighting and decor for the entire venue. With Jubilee Entertainment, you will not have a dancefloor that is overwhelmingly louder and brighter than the rest of the reception, we strive to make your entire environment part of the experience.


Book us today, and see how Jubilee Entertainment is raising golden standards. 



Our base entertainment package starts at $1,100.00


Lighting packages start at $300.00

20% is due at signing

Extra charges may be applied for additional lighting as well as the distance to the event location.


All rates are flat and not hourly, we can keep your reception going all night long! 


Call for consultation, and book us today!

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